Why are Nokia phones good?

Why are Nokia phones good

At the end of 2016, the well-known smartphone brand NOKIA get back with its first Android phone, Nokia 6. Nokia 6 was one of the highest-selling phones from the company. There was a time when Nokia used to bit the phones world but due to a lack of future planning the company was shut down.

6 Steps to Take Care of your Phone for a Longer Life

Mobile phones are your best friends for you. So, taking care of the best friend is our duty to safeguard it. To this date, Smartphones are the most important things used in every hour of life. It’s that device that holds the number of memories, financial data, messages and other files which are used in daily life.

How to Check Call History on Android

How to Check Call History on Android

 Call History is used as evidence or to check the number of calls made/ received by you in a particular period. If there’s a large number of call logs then it’s not easy for you to find the call times of a particular number. To check call History on Android is easy for you by …

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