Why are Nokia phones good?

At the end of 2016, the well-known smartphone brand NOKIA get back with its first Android phone, Nokia 6. Nokia 6 was one of the highest-selling phones from the company. There was a time when Nokia used to bit the phones world but due to a lack of future planning the company was shut down.

After 2016 ended the company get backed with Android OS in their smartphones. Although the company was/ still not able to get that position as in the past still the Nokia phones are unique. 

Yes, some features make the Nokia phone unique and good to buy. In fact, for many users, the Nokia phones are still worth buying.

Why NOKIA Phones are Good

Nokia had already built that trust in millions of people in recent times. So, the trust effect of this brand is still seen by millions of users over the world. In short, it’s one of the most trusted, secure and durable brands in the decades. 

But these new Android Nokia phones are not as your think like previous but still, you get some quality as before. For making it easy here we have mentioned some points that clear you why Nokia Phones are better to buy than other Android smartphones.

Trusted Brand, Certification to Millions of users

Nokia had already gained the trust and reputation for providing better phones for three decades. So, building trust over the last 30 years is not a big deal. In terms of its quality and reliablity, Nokia has owned the trust that’s enough for marketing their phones.

Also, at counterpoint, the Nokia brand had already led the trust ranking in terms of providing better software, security updates and its build durability.

As one 2020, the Counterpoint research clears Nokia as a top-ranking smartphone brand for its software and timely security updates. Also, the products are durable, the build quality is strong and packed with durable material.

Secure, Timely Security Updates

In Android, Google’s Pixel phones used to get an update at first. After that, the top list of smartphones got Google’s update held by Nokia. Yes, after Pixel the Nokia phones deliver the fastest and most regular software and security updates.

Powered by Android^TM you can get the update at first then other smartphone brands. Also, an update is regular, secure and for a longer time. As Nokia Runs on the Android One program you can get regular updates for 3 years.

It includes the 2 Years software upgrade (New Version of Android) and an extra year for security patch updates that keeps your Nokia phone more secure than other smartphones. Also, its regular updates deliver your phone performance better, and faster.

Better Build and Design

Did you Know, What makes Nokia phones unique? Yes, its design is quite different from normal Android smartphones. The camera cut of the phone looks unique to others. We used to get the circle cut for the camera on Nokia phones these days, that’s different.

Coming to its Durability. These phones are known as durability kings. With its durable nature people love it basically for Butterfingers guys it’s one of the best phones to save from minor falls.

The high-quality materials used on this device make it go for longer lives than usual phones. As to Counterpoint Research, the Nokia phones are undergoing tougher tests than other phones. Also, we get the perfect combination of the software and hardware in Nokia phones.

Similarly, it’s made from high-quality materials that are resistant and free from normal scratch, drop and impact, fatigue, and other thermal stress.

Clean Skin Faster Performance

All the Nokia phones used to run on the Android One program of Google. Like Stock Android, we can get the clean UI here too. This clean Android One is free from bloatware and several customizations like other phones. 

Here you can get minimal customization options. As with the Pixel phones, you can’t get any third-party pre-installed apps, features and others to make the phone performance down. 

Because of its clean UI, you can get faster and smooth performance. Yes, the System performance of Nokia phones is always at the top comparing the other brand’s phones in the same budget range. 


You know, the Redmi phones are well-known for being budget-friendly phones. Yes, that’s true but this is also true that the Nokia phones are also budget-friendly. The Nokia phones come at affordable rates like Redmi phones.

You get enough good-performing Nokia phones under the budget. Also, the features of the Nokia phone are good in terms of its price. Today, the Nokia phones are best for budget users.

What makes Nokia phones unique?

If your concern is to get timely security updates to secure your phone’s data then Nokia is for you. Nokia is that unique phone that pushes the fastest security and system updates than other phones.

In terms of system upgrades, you can get it on time after Google phones. Also, its design and build quality all are unique that other phones.

Is Nokia worth buying in 2022?

Besides Nokia, there are other top Android smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Samsung, VIVO, etc. All of these brands are the pro player in the smartphone world today. That results in several better phones for the users like us.

But still, Nokia has seen in this crowd too with its’ software-optimized smartphones. Its regular software update becomes the sole reason to switch towards it for budget users.

So, we can’t say it is not worth buying in 2022. I am sure there are still several users who believe in Nokia and its specs. That’s worth buying in 2022 too.