6 Steps to Take Care of your Phone for a Longer Life

Mobile phones are your best friends for you. So, taking care of the best friend is our duty to safeguard it. To this date, Smartphones are the most important things used in every hour of life. It’s that device that holds the number of memories, financial data, messages and other files which are used in daily life.

The lifespan of smartphones these days is around 3 years. But if you take proper care of it then it lasts longer than it. If not then it may not even last until the warranty period. 

Because of this caring for your phone is sharing your happiness for longer days. If you take proper care of your phone then you don’t need to switch to the new phone. That saves your budget and holds you being from financially weak.

 6 Tips to Take Care of your Phone

Taking care of your Phone includes not only a single reason. We can get the different steps that let us safeguard our phones from different factors. 

These days we used to spend heavy time on smartphones. For this, we need to take even proper care. The use of the phone for longer hours decreases the life span too. So, you need to take proper care here. Check these tips,

Using a Protective Hard Glass

By default, all the phone features Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. But getting the inner protective glass is not the solution as you think. The external scratch on the screen or fall of colours or any other things may cause damage to the screen.

In this case, covering the screen with protective glass is the best decision. This protective glass makes your phone get easy to damage your screen from normal falls.

The good Protective glass saves your phone from scratches and cracks.

Using a Phone Case

Covering the back of your phone with a plastic-made cover is another best way to protect your phone. Using a phone cover helps to save your phone from a minor fall. Yes, we got the Cover of the phone as the best protector like the Hard Glass for the screen.

The good cover must be durable, sturdy, and waterproof. So, make sure you have a high-quality cover to protect your phone from damage. Also, it saves from scratching, and damage to the inner back panel, and frame of your phone.

Cleaning the Phone and Screen

Cleaning your phone from time to time lets to get free from the bacteria and dust. If you are an outdoor user then your phone gets suffered from dust and bacteria.

That’s you need to clean your whole phone with the normal pieces of the clothes using the screen cleaning liquid. While cleaning you need to take care of the ports and camera area.

Also, clean and remove the dust from the ports.

Take Care of your Phones Battery

Using the phone for a longer time lets it get the battery to heat faster. This results in faster drainage of your battery. For this, it is better to take care of your phone battery too. 

You must need to maintain good battery life for a longer life span. A healthy battery on your phone helps to maintain your phone’s performance. If the phone’s battery gets heat faster then it affects your performance too.

So, try cooling down or maintaining the battery temperature by letting it while charging, taking a break after using, etc.

Updating the System & Apps

Making the apps and system up to date is one of the tactful decisions to take care of your phone. Whether Android or iPhone both platform offers a timely update to the phone. 

Making the phone upto date lets it safeguard the phone from malware and provides the latest technological features. So, try to update your phone and apps to get full features from it.

Keep your Phone Cool and Dry

The healthy phones must be cool and perform best as per their specs. But our phones used to get more heat than we expect without overused activities. So, the best way to care for your phone is to cool it.

Try to make your phone cool and dry. Here cooling your phone doesn’t mean placing it in the refrigerator or such areas. Make it cool naturally by placing it in a cool place, splitting your usage frequency, and killing multiple tasks in the background.

Deleting or Uninstalling Unwanted Apps

All the Android phones running on custom UI are packed with bloatware. Bloatware is bulk and not healthy for your Phone. So, uninstalling the bloatware from your phone is another best step.

Just uninstall the bloatware and other unused apps from your phone.

Expanding the Memory

The phone performs better if there’s enough free storage on it. At least 5% of total storage must be required to run the device smoothly. So, try to maintain at least 5% space in your phone.

For budget phones, it’s the biggest problem. So, expanding the memory of the phone is the best option for you. If your phone supports dynamic RAM then enable it to get enough processing space to run the apps easily.

Dont be Butterfingers

If you are of Butterfingers nature then you must need to take care of your phone while holding it. Yes, you just need to avoid dropping it while you are using or holding it in your hand. 

First, be careful and take care of your phone. Dropping off your phone on a hard surface increases the possibility of breaking or damaging your phone. So, you just need to have Glass Protection, and a Back-Cover on it to minimize the risk even in falls.


Taking care of your phone can be done by focusing on the above-mentioned steps. Here we mentioned the different tips through which you can take care of your phone for longer life. Additionally, taking away your phone from the water is required.