How to Check Call History on Android

 Call History is used as evidence or to check the number of calls made/ received by you in a particular period. If there’s a large number of call logs then it’s not easy for you to find the call times of a particular number. To check call History on Android is easy for you by following these methods.

With the number of steps, you can easily check out the call history of any number at a time. As compared to the iPhone, the Android features these a lot. With the use of the apps, you can check out the details of a number including call time, call duration, etc. 

Check the Call History Easily using Google’s Phones App

Google features its Call log or phone app for dialling and phone calls. Nowadays, many smartphone companies use this App as the prebuilt dialer in their phones. If your phone also comes with this dialer then you can easily check out the call history in a few taps.

Open the Phone App or this dialer. You can see this dialer Interface here.

  • Find and tap on that number or contact, you can move to the Recent icon section to the list of all recent call details.
  • Tap on any contact name or number there, here you can see the options like Call, Message and History. Just tap on History.
  • Here it will show all the call history there.

Clear Call History on Android Phone using this Dialer App

If you don’t want to keep the call history then you can simply delete or clear it. For this, you need to follow the following steps,

  • Open the Phone Apps or dialer on your phone and follow the same steps above as it.
  • After that tap on the options/ three dots shown on the top edge of your screen.
  • Choose the Delete history option there, this will delete all the call history of that particular number or contacts from your phone.

Check Call History Using the Truecaller App

With over 100M Active downloads Truecaller becomes one of the most trusted caller ID and Dialer apps for Android & iPhone users. If you want to get the daily backup of your call history including the auto call recording then truecaller is the best solution.

  • To check the Call history on Truecaller you just need to download and install it first. Check the below steps on how you can check the call history on Truecaller App.
  • Open Truecaller App and setup it up as a default dialer. You can change the Truecaller as your default dialer.
  • Search or find the number in history. Truecaller shows the call history on the dashboard. So, choose the number and tap on the Navigation sign given there.
  • Here you have to scroll down and see the Call History, for more call history you can tap on View All option.

Clear Call History on Android using Truecaller App

  • Go to the Call history list of the particular number or contact in Truecaller.
  • Then tap on the Delete icon given on the top edge of the screen.
  • Here it will ask you to do CANCEL OR OK. Simply tap on OK.
  • Finally done.

Check Call History in Xiaomi Phone 

If you are using Xiaomi’s phone then you can find the different UI of a dialer. Although many Xiaomi phone also comes with Google’s Dialer still many Xiaomi phones come with their dialer. 

  • Open the Call Log app, it shows the call history including the dialer on your screen.
  • Scroll down or simply search the number/ contact name in the search box.
  • Then tap on the Navigation arrow shown on the left side of each number. Here, it shows the basic details of that contact/number.
  • Under the Call history, you can see the list of all call details. For more details tap on the Show more.

Clear Call History on Xiaomi Phone’s Log

  • Follow out the same above process to see the call history.
  • Below the screen you can see the Delete icon, just tap on that. Here it will prompt a pop-up window, to clear call history.
  • Tap on the Delete option. 
  • Finally, you’re done.

Manage Call History on Android

Managing the call history on Android is easy for you with the Truecaller app. This app allows the users to take the daily backup and can be restored anytime on any phone just by getting logged in to the Truecaller with an OTP.

Yes, if you want to keep the call history although after you changed your phone then truecaller app and its backup will keep you safe. Overall, managing your contacts using the Truecaller apps is easy, fast and secure.


To check out the call history on your Android is possible with the phone dialer apps. Besides this, you can use the other apps to organize the contact’s history.