Best Internet Speed Meter for Windows PC

The internet speed meter is one of the most useful features for us. If your device shows the current internet speed then you can get the proper ideas about the data consumption and the progress of your data loading in the device. We can get these features in some Android phones like Xiaomi, Realme, etc. But not at all including the Windows OS.

Even Windows doesn’t feature the Internet Speed Meter by default. To get these features in your Windows you just need to take the help of other third-party apps. Yes, there are several best Internet Speed Meter Apps for Windows too. 

Why Internet Speed Meter in Windows

Internet Speed Meter is used to check out the current Internet speed consumed by your System. Using these tools you can get the live uploading and downloading speed consumed by your Device. In short, if you are downloading any files on your PC then it shows the downloading speed at higher like 50Mbps etc. 

Getting the Speed Meter also helps to notify you of the data consumed by your PC in a given time. Suppose, if you are using a limited plan then it is useful for you. Because the internet is not sure and sometimes it may run background processing and even consumes the GB of Data too in minutes.

So, you can easily monitor how fast your internet is working. If your device begins consuming heavy data then the meter shows at what speed the data is being consumed. From there, you can take effective action on it.

 5 Best Internet Speed Meter Apps for Windows

Speed Meter app allows ti get the download and upload speed consumed by your device. These tools are capable of providing the live and accurate loading speed when you are using Celular or Wireless Network.

Net Speed Meter

Net Speed Meter is one of the well-known and light Speed Meter that features the download and upload speed in real-time. This app lets you show the current internet speed consumed by your PC for downloading and uploading.

If your PC is downloading something or loading the files and pages then you can see how much data is being consumed per second. Also, the upload rates will be higher while uploading any files.

In short, this app helps you in monitoring the network-related parameters easily. This app gets starts automatically and shows on any side of your screen. More, you can move this meter to any side of your screen.

Also, you can change the settings as per your desire. By default, the Internet speed is shown in Bits which you can change to Bytes.

Speed Test – Free Internet Speed Test Tools

Speed Test is another best and most powerful Internet speed meter tool that features 8000 servers worldwide to give the excellent and real speed of your internet.

Here you can easily track the live data of the downloading and uploading speed held by your PC while using the internet. Like Net Speed Meter you can get both uploading and downloading data through which you can decide to take control over your bandwidth.

Besides, you can also get information about the Jitter, Delay, and Ping that’s useful for gamers. You can simply download the app and get the live internet speed meter on your PC.

Network Speed Test

One of the highly-rated apps to check out the Network bandwidth consumed by your PC is Network Speed Test. You can download this app from the Microsoft Store and use it to get the live downloading and uploading scale on your screen.

This allows Microsoft to show the appropriate data regarding the speed of the internet held by your PC. It’s easy to monitor the downloading speed of any files. Also, inform you of the speed consumption information based on the speed of the internet connection.

Speedtest. Net by Ookla

It’s one of the web and app-based tools used to scale your Internet connection including the downloading and uploading rates. Like other apps, it also analyses the internet and shows the live speed.

 Based on your internet connection the loading speed is shown here. When you are on a video call or downloading or uploading the files then the speed meter shows a higher rate. A higher rate means higher bandwidth. 

Besides, you can use the web version to check the Whole internet speed held by that Router. But the app lets your internet speed change only it starts consuming the bandwidth while using the app features, downloading or uploading.


Analyzing your Internet Speed is easy for you with this App. It lets you check out the current internet speed including its downloading and uploading, and ping, based on your activities on it.

Like other speed meter apps, the downloading and uploading speed gets changed only your PC consumes the bandwidth for any activities. Similarly, it also collects the available information regarding the Connected Wi-Fi networks. 


Getting live information about the bandwidth consumption by your device is a great thing. Yes, these apps let you check out the current internet data consumed by your PC. From this, you can get clear ideas about the data loading to carry out the task.

Besides, you can also get the Downloading and uploading speed of your Internet planning you are using. As more, it includes the Delay, Jitter and Ping by AI Configuration, HTTP, TCP or UDP and Wi-Fi Channel Interference.