Samsung Galaxy M53 5G Review: Best Budget Phone

Samsung’s Galaxy M53 5G boasts an array of exciting hardware features like a Super AMOLED display with 120Hz and the MediaTek Dimensity-900 SoC, which includes vapor cooling and a 108-megapixel primary camera. This is the review of the Samsung Galaxy M35 5G Review.

Its Design and Display

The Galaxy M53 5G from Samsung is mainly made of plastic and feels solid; however, it is not the best quality. In my initial impressions, I was awed by my appreciation for the Mystique Green finish of my handset. I’m still convinced that it’s helped the phone stand out from other phones. But after using it for a week, I noticed that it could pick up smudges quickly, even when they were not readily evident. Samsung could have put cases inside the box, given that it’s the most expensive M-series model.

The fingerprint scanner mounted on the side is easily accessible, but I’m not sure about the volume controls. Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is quite a large device that is difficult to operate with one hand. It comes with a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display like Samsung’s Galaxy M52 and has a small opening at the top that we can use for a selfie camera. I didn’t notice this camera cutout distracting when working on the mobile. Samsung’s Galaxy M53 5G weighs 176g, and I found it manageable.

It’s a 108 MP Rear Camera  

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G sports quad-cameras on the back. It has a 108-megapixel primary camera, an ultra-wide-angle 8-megapixel camera, a macro camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels, and a 2-megapixel depth camera. Its counterpart, the Xiaomi Mi 11i HyperCharge 5G is a direct rival with Galaxy M53 5G, is a direct competitor to Galaxy M53 5G; also features a similar camera configuration.

Samsung’s Galaxy M53 was fast to fix focus and did not struggle in determining the correct exposure. It also took close-up images excellently, but I had to be cautious when I used the Portrait mode because it takes a bit of time before it informs you when it’s ready. The daytime shots were great and pretty accurate.

The ultra-wide camera has a very similar color to the primary camera. This was an advantage, but the images it took were not as clear. Ultra-wide images showed minimal distortion of the barrel around the borders of frames.

The camera’s macro lens took decent pictures, and I could get incredibly near to my subject when taking pictures. The camera’s performance in low light was satisfactory and nearby objects in photographs of landscapes were easily identifiable. However, these photos were not clear enough in the dark areas within the image. Night mode improved the quality somewhat, but the phone took three to four seconds to capture the shot. Night mode was hit or miss, as some of the photos appeared soft.

32MP AI Selfie Camera & Video Shooting

The camera’s 32-megapixel sensor produced 8-megapixel photos pixel-binned in default. Photos taken in daylight looked stunning, with natural colors, and the Portrait mode also had well with edge detection. The performance of low-light cameras was typical by comparison.

Video recording was capped at 4K at 30fps. The phone uses Electronic Stabilisation (EIS) to stabilize footage. The colors were stunning in daylight, but the video was shakey and was not well stabilized. In low-light conditions, there was excessive jitter in the output that I did not like. The camera app has a SuperSteady mode, which uses the ultra-wide-angle camera. However, it crops the frame significantly to increase stabilization. Also, the resolution is limited to 1080 pixels.

Its Performance & Battery

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G delivers excellent performance for the beginner. The sharp Super AMOLED display has good angles of view and plenty of options to alter the color profile to suit your preferences. The display supports Dolby Atmos on the single speaker. However, stereo speakers could be a better option.

Samsung’s Galaxy M53 5G could cope with the demands of my everyday use with no hiccups. Games and apps loaded quickly, and multitasking was an absolute breeze. The fingerprint scanner on the side was precise and never required an additional effort to open the phone. The 120Hz refresh speed also helped the UI feel very effortless to use.

The gaming performance of the Galaxy M53 5G from Samsung was excellent. The phone played Asphalt 9: Legends very smoothly at 60Hz, and I didn’t detect any slowdowns. After playing for around fifteen minutes, I noticed an increase of three percent in the battery’s level, which was not too bad. The phone was not too warm or shivering to the touch.

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G delivered excellent battery longevity. The battery’s capacity is 5,000mAh and can easily last for a full day on my use. The HD testing of video loops was able to last for an entire 18-hour period and then 24 hours, however it’s not clear whether it was charging to its maximum 25W power. 

Its software and Specs.

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 900 SoC. The phone has an air-cooling chamber that can aid in keeping temperatures under control. Dual-SIM functionality supports 12 bands of 5G and 4G VoLTE. Samsung is also announcing an auto-data-switching feature on Samsung’s Galaxy M53 5G that can instantly switch between the two SIMs to ensure that the phone is always connected to the internet.

As the Galaxy M53 5G comes with dual-SIM and storage expansion, it comes at the expense of another SIM. I believe Samsung could have come up with an even more expensive model with more memory. We can use a tiny amount of storage to add RAM when you utilize RAM Plus. RAM Plus feature.

The Super AMOLED Plus panel on the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G has an HD+ resolution of full-HD+ and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. Rate. In terms of software, you’ll receive Android 12 from the box with Samsung’s OneUI 4.1 skin over the top. Samsung has pledged the next two years’ worth of Android OS updates and four years of security updates for the Galaxy M53 5G that will keep the phone operating smoothly for a while.

OneUI is user-friendly. However, there’s plenty of third-party software that is bloatware. It’s possible to remove most of these applications. Galaxy M53 5G Galaxy M53 5G also allows users to copy and transfer images and text across Samsung devices like the Apple Continuity features if registered with the same Samsung account across all devices.

The Galaxy M53 5G has some experimental features, including multi-window, which allows you to run multiple applications on pop-up windows that you can resize.