QR Code Guide: Everything you need to know

Let’s, get with the QR code and how it works. If we notice in some product packages, in the market shop or in such place where we will see one small code to scan. Using that code, we can find out some details about it. Nowadays, many products, company & sellers use this tool to facilitate their customers & visitors.

How do QR codes work?

If we scan that code using a scanner then we will get information about that product like website, Address, link, phone no. etc. Here we are talking about the most useful commercial tool for every entrepreneur, seller and business holder, QR Code.

What is a quick response code, Quick Response Code (QR Code) is the most popular tool for every entrepreneur & business owner. The use of QR codes is not limited to business owners but also in practice in normal people’s life for sharing details information with related persons & things.

QR Code is that code which provides a detail of the products, companies & anything stored in that code. QR Code is the upgrade version of the Barcode. So, why it looks like Barcode? Barcode is the machinery or mechanical readable labels which can be easily readable by the scanner and show out the details.

In recent times there wasn’t the use of QR codes. Before 1994 people keep on using barcodes. Barcode only stores the numbers form but QR Code stores not only the numbers form but also an Alphabetical letter like XYZ.

Denso-Wave from Toyota group introduced QR Code in 1994. At that time, it was only used for tracking the different parts of that company. After a few years, later importance & its uses get increased massively and gets commercialize. Now we can see its use in many shops, companies & organizations.

How To Use QR Codes More Efficiently

  • We can store a lot of things and labels in QR Code like,
  • We can store websites, Facebook, company links and any URL in QR Code.
  • Using a QR Code one can share contacts, phone number, and address with their visitors.
  • We can write a text message and send it to others.
  • Using QR Code we can compose an email and send it easily.
  • We can share geo-location with others using QR codes.
  • If we are willing to plan something for an upcoming date then we can create an event and schedule it in QR Code.

In the QR code, we can add information about our Wi-Fi including Wi-Fi SSID name & Password in a simple way. It is the popular method of sharing Wi-Fi passwords. Mobile like Xiaomi and Huawei automatically create the QR codes of connected Wi-Fi for sharing the Wi-Fi password.

Details on QR Codes

1. Text QR Code

2. Link or URL QR Code

3. E-mail QR Code

4. Phone No. QR Code

5. SMS QR Code

6. GEO Location QR Code

7. Contact Info. QR Code

8. WIFI Network Config QR Code

9. Event QR Code

Why QR Codes?

More storage capacity than Bar Code.

Advanced system of technology than Bar Code.

Easy & Professional.


How To Create A StandOut QR Code: 12 Proven Steps

  • Visit the QR Code Generator Site.
  • From the Dashboard of the site choose the desired elements to add to your QR. Here you have the option to choose the URL, VCARD, Text, Email Address, Wi-Fi Login details, and other details.
  • Suppose here I’m going to create the QR of my Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi icon from the given option.
  • Over the Wi-Fi QR Code, you need to fill out the details of Wi-Fi.
  • Enter the SSID in the Network Name. Here you have to enter the name of your Wi-Fi like a sweet home.
  • Now, enter the password on the given empty box there.
  • Choose an encryption option there like WPA/WPA2, WEP or None.
  • Then After filling in all the information click/tap on the Generate QR Code.
  • Now choose the frame for your QR Photo.
  • After customizing the QR Photo tap/click on the DOWNLOAD.
  • Finally done.


QR Code is the advanced form of Barcode which is used to store different information & provides that information to customers & public. In QR Code we can store as many details. To find out the details inside the QR Code we must need QR Code scanner apps.

Here we have discussed the topic of what is meant by QR code, what is the meaning QR code & is QR code and how it works.