How to See Connected Devices in your Wi-Fi

How to See Connected Devices in your Wi-Fi

If you are not getting the desired speed as usual before then you must think to check out the connected users on it. Yes, checking the number of users is one of the common concepts for us. Because of this, it’s better to know the steps on How you can See connected devices on your WiFi.

The number of connected devices or users leads your internet speed to slow down. So, an increase in the number creates your Router to hold more devices on it. That leads your connection to slow down. Here the Router needs to split that particular speed equally to all. 

In another hand, the issues caused by your Router, and ISP is also the reason for the slow connection. But don’t worry if you are thinking that someone is Lurking on your Wi-Fi then you need to find and kick them out.

See Connected Wi-Fi Users on PC using the Wireless Network Watcher

If you are on a PC then you can use the free Windows tools that let you check the list of users connected on that particular network. You can simply download the Zip files from the given link and install that setup file.

Launch the program and it automatically starts to scan the networks there. It notifies you with the word Scanning there. Just wait for a moment.

Under the properties, you have to notice the Device Name and Network Adapter Company for ease.

See Connected Users in Wi-Fi Router on NOKIA Router

If you are using NOKIA’s router for your internet plan or using the Internet service provided by Nokia then it’s the best option to see it. The service of NOKIA is found all over the world. So, you can apply these same steps from anywhere to get logged in to the Admin Panel.

Go to the Wi-Fi in your phone and copy the current IP Address of your connected Wi-Fi.

Now, paste that IP Address into your Address bar of any web browser. The IP Address should look like

After pasting it hit enter and then it will redirect to the particular Admin page.

Now, you need to get logged in there before accessing admin features. 

Enter the Username and Password there. The NOKIA default username and Password are, 



After entering the login credentials tap/click on the Login.

Now, it opens the Dashboard of your NOKIA Home Gateway. 

Go to the Privacy and Devices. Under this, you can tap on Devices.

Here you can see the list of all connected devices.

Finally done.

See Connected Users in Home Wi-Fi Using GlassWire Pro

GlassWire is one of the top-level firewall and security systems that help to show you the list of all devices connected to your network. Besides this, this also features a lot for users like you to get adequate control over your system.

Here you can manage your Wi-Fi and also get the scale of the Bandwidth usage at a given time. Additionally, it allows the users to monitor your Wi-Fi Network and made proper control of it.

How to See Wi-Fi Password in Your Device

Sometimes we forget our Wi-Fi Password too. If this is the case then it sounds bad. That’s why sometimes we may need to see our password too in case we forget it.

Android: If you are on Android then you can easily share or get the password just by sharing the premade QR of that Wi-Fi. Besides this, you can also get the password by getting logged in to the Router Page Setup.

PC: For the PC users you have to apply the command before this. From the CMD you can easily see the Wi-Fi password of the connected devices. Just, open the CMD as Administration and hit the command, netsh wlan show profiles. After this hit enter.

Now, it shows all the networks which are previously and current connected Networks. Give the second command, netsh wlan show profiles key”wifi name” clear. Hit enter.

Finally done.

How to Protect your Wi-Fi from Others

So, after knowing that unknown users are connected to your network definitely, you may not stay happy. You must think about the steps how to protect Wi-Fi from others.

If someone gets connected to your Wi-Fi then it slows down your Internet speed. That makes your Internet speed fall. Okay, protecting your Wi-Fi from others is done just by either changing the Password or by Removing/ Blocking that device from your Network.

When you change the Wi-Fi password then you can get rid of other users. Besides, hiding the network / SSID Name is the best technique to hide your Wi-Fi from an available list.

Coming to the next option, blocking the particular devices is a great option to disable them from allowing you to get connected to your network. When you block someone on your network then that user can’t get access to it at any cost.