How to Make Chrome Browser Faster on Mobile and PC

Nowadays the Chrome browser is becoming heavier than previous updates. With the latest updates on it, the size and RAM Consumption are also becoming higher. So, for this, it may not perform well on your device sometimes. That’s you have to reduce the Memory usage of your Chrome browser to run it smoothly.

Released in 2008 by Google it becomes the most used browser till now. Nowadays, all Android phones are packed with some apps from Google including Chrome. 

Although the Chrome Browser is the best and most powerful as compared to others the new updates make it heavier. Regarding security too Chrome is ahead. With its Sandbox approach, you can get protection while accessing the risk sites.

How to Make your Chrome Browser Faster?

Making your Chrome Browser faster is possible if by taking effective steps on it. By default, Chrome is not a heavy browser like Opera, UC and Microsoft edge. But with time this browser becomes heavier and also consumes the higher Volume of RAM that lets it slow down.

Closing the Unused Tabs

The basic and non-technical steps that you can carry out the make your Chrome faster is by closing the unused tabs. The tabs let you without use and also consume the RAM of your device. This leads to the slow performance of your phone and Internet experience too.

Therefore, you must need to close all the tabs if possible by using the single tab only. If not then try to minimize the tab not more than 3 in the background. As we know, background processing consumes a good volume of RAM.

Check the Memory Usage using Browser Task Manager

Your Chrome browser features its task manager from where you can monitor the memory usage by each tab running in the background. From here you can get clear statistics of the memory consumption by each tab. 

So, you can close the tap consuming a higher volume of RAM. Also, it is possible to end the whole task to make your Browser faster, for that simply tap/ click on End Process.

  • Tap/Click on the options (Three dots) in your Chrome and then find the More Tools option from there.
  • From there go to the Browser task manager. Here you get the Memory, and CPU consumption by each tab on the screen.
  • Check the consumption stats and end the process as required.

Manage Multiple Tabs using Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions are cool web-based tools for PC Chrome users, it’s not for Android or Mobile users. If you are on a PC then closing the multiple tabs running in the background lets you get free from Excessive memory usage.

Because of, to close this you can use the Chrome Extension. Using the Chrome extension you can close multiple tabs, which saves your time too.

Removing the Extensions

As above we mentioned, using the Chrome extensions is useful to manage multiple tabs. Also, it is useful for running web-based apps and others easily. But an excessive number of Extensions installed in your Chrome lets it to the problem.

It may not function well or even cause a problem in normal processing. So, remove all those untrusted extensions installed from unknown sources.

  • Click on the Extensions icons or get it from the Options.
  • Here you get all the extensions installed on your phone. 
  • Click on the right/ three dots of selected extensions you want to remove from Chrome. It shows the different options there.
  • Simply click on Remove from Chrome.

Turning on Hardware Acceleration

Enabling the Hardware Acceleration lets your browser render the graphics while you are playing the web games and streaming the Higher Resolution videos. Enabling these features lets your Chrome Reduce CPU and GPU usage.

This lets your Chrome consume less Memory too. After that, your Chrome performance will be better than before.

  • Go to the Settings and then Move to the System.
  • From System find the option of Hardware Acceleration
  • Toggle it right to enable.
  • That’s sit.

Using the Web Security Features

Web and Internet security services help to kill out the malware and virus from your Device and online attackers too. After running the web scanner you will be able to detect the harmful sites, and other settings applied in the browser. 

Similarly, the malware running in the background of your Chrome lets it to consumes a heavy volume of RAM. That’s you need to run the malware scanner to check and kill the malware.

Clearing the Cache Files and Data

Cache data is used to get auto-build while using any Apps. The app builds or creates the cache file before running it. That’s the reason when you clear the cache of the apps then it took extra few seconds to open than normal.

The system builds the Cache files automatically while using it. These are also known as temp files in terms of Windows. So, just clear all cache data.

Restoring to the Default State

 At last, you can restore the default settings or default where you can get free from all the data stored there. Restoring or performing the clear data of Chrome is the best option to get rid of all the applied settings.

  • Go to the Settings if your Chrome.
  • Then type reset in the search box showing at the top.
  • It shows the search result, choose the Restore settings to their default values.
  • Over the Pop-up just Click/ Tap on Reset.
  • Finally done.

Conclusion Controlling your Chrome from consuming a higher volume of RAM is possible. Here you need to try out above mentioned steps