How to Connect to a Hidden Network in PC/ Laptop

Many Wi-Fi owners used to hide their network SSID Name so that normal users can’t get able to get connected to that network. If you had hidden your Network then you must need to know the SSID name there. In absence of the correct SSID Name, you can get connected to your network even if you do have a password for that network. To connect to a Hidden Network on a PC you just need to have a special technique which is covered here.

A Hidden Network is a network which is publicly not available to configure. It means, the name of the network can’t be shown in the Available network list.

How to Connect to a Hidden Network on PC

To get connected to the Hidden network we must need to enter the correct SSID Code before further processing. Yes, the network users willing to get connected to such a hidden network must have the correct SSID name and Password.

Here you just need the Network credentials before getting connected there.

Enter the SSID/ Name of that Wi-Fi.

Choose out the security nature here, WPA, WPA2 or WEP. The home network is WPA2 Security encryption.

Now, under the passcode phase, enter the password and hit enter.

Finally Done.

These basics are to be followed to get connected to any hidden network. Here are the further steps on how you can proceed to connect your Laptop to Hidden Network.

Method I – Connect to Hidden Network from System Tray

The new Windows 11 and Previous Windows 10 features the users to get connected to any Available network easily from the Notification or System tray. Yes, here you can notice that when you click on the Wi-Fi signal given there it will open the list of all available networks there.

From there you can connect to any network by entering the password. But here you can also notice an option of or Network named Hidden Network in the list of available networks. If this is then simply click on that Hidden Network and enter the password.

Click on the given Wi-Fi icon in the system tray on your PC or laptop. It’s on the bottom left edge of your screen. It shows the list of all available networks which are in your range.

Here you can see the list of all networks including the Hidden Network there. If yes, then simply click on that Hidden Network. Now it asks you to check out the option Connect automatically just check and click on Connect.

Now, enter the SSID Name, its name of the Wi-Fi as like Sweet HomeMy Wi-Fi, etc. Just enter the SSID there and click on Next.

After that enter the password of that network. Just enter the password, you can check your password by clicking on the eye icon. So, hit Enter or Next given there.

Wait for a few moments, windows try to match out the information provided by you. If it’s well then you are getting connected. 

Finally done.

Method II – Connect to Hidden Network from Network & Internet Settings

If the Method I won’t work for you then you can procceed it out directly from the Network and Internet settings of your PC. Here you need to add the new Network first to get connected. Check this,

Go to the Settings on your PC or Laptop then find Network & Internet options there. Just click and open it.

Move to Wi-Fi there and then click on Manage known networks there.

Under the Manage known networks, you need to add the new network, for that click on the option Add a new network.

Under Add, a new network you need to fill out the details of that network and check out some conditions given there.

Enter the SSID or Wi-Fi Name under Network name you have to enter the name of Wi-Fi, Select the security of that network under Security type. The Security type is WPA2-Personal AES.

At last, you have to enter the password, which means Security Key there.

Check out both options and then click on Save.

Wait for a few seconds. Finally, you’re done.

Method III – Connect Hidden Wi-Fi on PC using Control Panel

Still, searching to do a different for connecting to a hidden network? From the Control Panel, you can set up a connection that will help you to get connected easily. Yes, if you are using an older version of Windows then maybe you might not favourable with the above method.

In this method, you need to take help from the Control Panel. Check these steps,

Open Control Panel on your PC or Laptop. Then tap find and go to Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center. Here it displays the different configuration options.

Click on Set up a new connection or network and it will ask you to choose a connection option.

Choose the Manually connect to a wireless network and then click on the Next option given there.

Now, you have to fill out the security information about that particular connection. 

Enter the SSID name, choose the security type and enter the security key. Hit enter and fill/check out the features as you want. Then do a Next.

This will let your windows to get add the hidden network. Click on the Close from the pop-up displayed on your screen.

Finally done.


Connecting to a hidden network needs to configure the security details first. Here we have mentioned the 3 methods to get connected to any hidden wifi network.

Here you just need to know the correct SSID Name/ WiFi Network name, Security type and password. After that, you will be able to get connect to a hidden wifi network.