How to Check Internet Speed On PC, Android and iPhone

How to Check Internet Speed On PC, Android and iPhone

We all need the fastest Internet connection. For the fastest internet connection, we always aim to upgrade our internet plan. But did you know, what’s your current Internet plan’s speed? Maybe not sure. Don’t worry here we have mentioned some steps on how to Check Internet Speed.

If you are the one who believes in just the name of ISP then you are not the right person. Yes, the speed of your internet connection is not based on your ISP but it’s based on the plan you have. 

Here we have mentioned the different sites, tools and tutorials to Check your Internet Speed. Internet Speed test at your Home, Office gives a clear idea about the capacity of your Internet Plan. 

Check your Internet Speed Using the FAST.COM is one of the easiest and free web tools that lets you check your current internet speed from your Mobile or PC. This is the free service offered by NETFLIX. To check the speed follow these steps,

  • Visit the FAST.COM site on your PC or Phone. For Android users, you can also get an App for this, just install and run it.
  • After visiting this page it automatically starts to configure the process. Wait for a few moments.
  • Now, you can see your current speed. For more information about the current internet speed, you can tap/click on the Shoe More Info.
  • That’s it.

Check Internet Speed on PC and Android Using PCMag Speed Test

PCMag is one of the well-known online blogs for technological content. This site also offers users to check Internet Speed. Here you just need to make sure your device is connected to an Internet connection.

  • Visit the PCMag Speed Test page and then it opens the site.
  • From here simply tap/click on the GO.
  • Wait for a moment.
  • That’s done.

Check Internet Speed using Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is one of the core sites for testing your current internet speed. Besides, it also lets you measure the time of data transfer and many more. It provides the details about the ISP for you too.

Like FAST.COM it’s another top site for measuring your internet current speed. It is also available for Android and iPhone in App. For PC users you can get easy access from all supported browsers like Chrome, Edge, etc.

This Internet Speed Meter app lets you pair your Location to their server to give the most relevant details. 

  • To check speed you can simply tap/ click on the GO button given on the screen.
  • Wait for a few minutes. Complete the measuring process may take a few seconds to a minute.
  • After the process gets complete you can check your internet speed including DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD and PING values.

Check Internet Speed using Airtel. in

Airtel. in offers an Open Speed Test for the users to get measured their internet plan. This site offers the clients to get the speed measurement that includes the Download, Upload the Ping Value and JITTER too. 

To measure an Internet speed visit the site and tap on the Start icon given there.

If you are on Android then you can also download the app for this. 

Just download the app and check how your internet connection works.

Internet Speed Test Using lets the users get an exact download and upload speed. Yes, as compared to other internet speed meters this site can show up better details of your connection.

  • Here, you just visit the site and tap/click on Start Test.
  • Wait for a few moments, it will start to get your connection real data and provides the exact speed of your connecting link.

I like its details regarding the exact internet speed including the downloading and uploading speed. Also, it is capable to create a graph and comparison score between the uploading and downloading.

Similarly, it also shows your current IP address. To know, how much your connection faces latency issues easily use this test meter site. Also, you will get notified an operator/ ISP Details here.

Basic tips to Improve your Wi-Fi Speeds

Improving your Internet connection is possible after maintaining the certain criteria on it. Here are the basic steps to be followed to enhance your Internet speed connection.

Organizing your Router. Placing your Wireless router in the central region of your Home is the best place for you. 

Update your Wi-Fi router timely. It helps your router to keep far away from malware and other bugs.

Removing the unknown users. Limiting the users in your connection is the best method. 

Using the Mesh Wi-Fi.


The majority of the ISPs promise to provide a better speed of Internet connection at an affordable rate. But in fact, we can’t get this offer. Also, the speed of your Internet is decided by the Plans you subscribed but the Server and Ping are determined by the ISPs you have.

So, getting a higher internet connection is a good thing. But with the Internet speed, you also need to focus on the other internet features.