7 Reasons why Windows 10 is Still Best than Widows 11

Upgrading to the latest technology may not be a good decision at all times. Yes, we got that upgrading or updating the technology is a good thing we get the latest features but sometimes we may lose out on some core performance. No doubt, upgrading the Windows 11 from Windows is a wise decision for you at the beginning but not for the whole. You can check out this reason Why Windows 10 is better than Windows 11.

Windows 11 is one of the clean and attractive OS that looks impressive. With its new icons, shapes and other features, it may be attractive at the beginning. But in the name of getting the new and upgraded OS, we miss out on some core things. The Size of Windows 11 is more than consumes a higher CPU. 

7 Reasons why Windows 10 is Better than Windows 11

Many users are not satisfied to keep on running this PC on Windows 11. because of minor bugs, heavy CPU usage and other minor points, the Pro PC users still love Windows 10. here are the points that make Windows 10 far better than Windows 11.

 May Need to Buy New PC

The biggest reason is that to meet the system requirements for it you may need to buy the new PC too. Yes, the minimum system requirements of Windows 11 are higher than Windows 10. Because of this, you need to upgrade the CPU of your system before upgrading the Windows, that’s a costly process.

Here the PC must need to have an 8th Gen Intel either AMD Zen 2 or better than this with a TPM 2.0 chip. 

Bugs and Errors

The latest Windows 11 comes with a lot of bugs and errors as compared to Windows 11. although it’s been more than a year of Windows 11 we can still find some bugs that cause the performance slow. 

Upgrading the latest technique is not always a wise decision. Also, Windows 10 is less buggy than the new Windows 11.

Wider Taskbar 

The taskbar of Windows 10 is wider than Windows 11. in windows 11 the apps pinned in the taskbar are shown in the middle edge, which looks like Mac.

Anyway, it’s not the reason but the Taskbar of Windows 10 looks decent and attractive. Also, the app starting is not attractive and wider in Windows 11 like 10.

Similarly, its taskbar calendar doesn’t let the users add or see events like in Windows 10. additionally, the windows 11 taskbar doesn’t support the drag-and-drop features.

 Better Start Menu than Windows 11

The start menu of the Windows 11 is not attractive and impressive as compared to Windows 10. Here the Windows 11 start menu doesn’t show the recently installed and used apps in the start menu. Also, the app drawer is not attractive as previous windows.

Similarly, Windows 11 doesn’t suggest the apps. Additionally, it doesn’t show the information about the apps. As far, as we miss out on the App Tiles and Widgets in Windows 11.

No Need to Sign In With Microsoft Account

Like Android users, Windows 10 users are not forced to get signed with the Microsoft Account. Yes, you can still use Windows without signing up with Microsoft Account. But in Windows 11 it’s mandatory to get logged in first.

If you are not interested in creating the Microsoft Account then you need to create it and then proceed further. That’s another reason why some users still love Windows 10.

Action Centre for Easy Controlling

When you click on the Date & Time section given on the button edge of your screen then you can get access to the notification as well as the control centre. It’s one of the easy navigation to get the notifications and control centre like your Android in a single place.

But Windows 11 missed these features. Here you can only get the notifications tab. That it’s quite time-consuming or not an easy process to get control over such minor settings too.

Controlling the brightness, adjusting the sound, etc. It May is not easy for Windows 11 users. 

Document Preview 

You may notice that many PC/ Laptop running on Windows 11 missed out on the preview pane. Yes, even my PC does not shows the preview pane of the images, videos, or documents when I select that. Somehow, it looks no better.

So, you missed out on the Preview pane in Windows 11. Although you can fix this minor issue still it may not be better. 

Still Up-to-Date

Windows 10 is still getting updates from the Microsoft Team. Yes, Microsoft had confirmed to push an update and support until 2025. so, if you had shifted to Windows 11 thinking that you will miss out on the support then don; ’t worry.

That’s why Windows 10 is still an updated OS for you. With time we can see the improvement and new features in it Like Windows 11. 

Not Huge Difference

If you go through the deep comparison between Windows 10 and 11 then you can’t find enough difference between them. When we compare it to the initial days of Windows 11 then it’s surrounded by the number of bugs.

Windows 11 is Windows 10 in disguise. Overall, both the OSes are almost the same in performance. The difference is a change in the customization like icons, themes, and other updated features with time and technology.


The New Windows 11 is impressive. It comes with a beautiful design and other plenty of layouts. If you are licensed Windows 10 users then you can switch to windows 11. 

Also, if you are not going to use Windows 11 then you can have 14 days revert period too.