5 Easiest Ways to Open CMD In Windows 11

Command Prompt also known as CMD is one of the basic tools used in the Computer to carry out any work. It’s one of the inner text-based Operating systems that’s based on text-based commands. Here you can give the command to do something on your PC or laptop. Using cmd you can run the different apps and activities easily. Check how you can Open CMD In Windows 11.

Windows 11 comes with the change in different features like its boot logo, animation, app icon and many more. But the app functioning and system settings are almost the same. In the case of CMD, we can’t get any changes. 

What is CMD in Windows

CMD is one of the text-line-based OS in your PC used for interpreting your PC with several commands. Here you can give the text-based command to perform the tasks from basic to advanced easily. 

Using this you can able to view your system information, manage the data of your Storage, control the apps, fix the system errors, repair corrupted external drives and many more.

 5 Different Methods to Open CMD In Windows 11, 10

It’s one of the built-in features found on every Windows OS-based PC and Laptop. You can access it from the different methods to carry out different activities by texting the command. Here are the different methods to run cmd on your Laptop or PC.

Method I – Search Box

It’s simple, you can easily find and open the CMD app in your windows within a minute. Here’s how,

  • Click on the Search icon showing in the taskbar of your screen or simply click on the Windows to open the search bar.
  • Enter the CMD or Command Prompt in the search box there. The search results show it at the top as an app.
  • Hover your mouse crosser to the CMD and do a left click to open the options. Now, click on the Run as Administrator. Here it will ask you to grant permission there. Simply allow it.
  • Click on the YES in the Control Centre Pop-up Shown there.
  • Now, the CMD Will launch as administration. After that, you can proceed with your task and what you want to do there.

Method II – From Windows Terminal

Windows features are unlimited and beyond your expectation. Yes, the System Menu of Windows is packed with GUI elements. So, there are several hidden features to be known here. 

In windows 11 you can get access to the Start Menu just by clicking on the Windows icon there. Here’s how you can,

  • Do right-click on the Windows icon shown in the taskbar of your windows. Here it will show you a long start menu with different options.
  • From there you have to click on the Windows Terminal (Admin). As a like method, it will ask you to grant permission. Simply click on Yes there.
  • Here it will open the Windows Power Shell window on your PC. 
  • Now, click on the dropdown menu given near the title bar, on the top of the title bar. After clicking it will show the different options including Command Prompt.
  • Click on the Command Prompt, it will open it in the new tab.
  • Finally done.

From this method, you can easily access two powerful text-based Features in your windows. You can use CMD here for changing and fixing the errors of your system. Where Powershell can be used to script the languages. It’s an advanced form of CMD.

Method III – By RUN App

The most used and well-known method to Open CMD in Windows easily is using the Run Menu. Run Menu is the fastest method to open the CMD and other apps in your Windows.

  • Open the run menu, and press the Windows Key + R once on your keyboard.
  • Enter the text, CMD in the search box given there and hit Enter.
  • That’s sit.

Method IV – From Task Manager

If you are friendly in using the task Manager then there’s still another option to open the cmd in Windows. Here you need to open the task manager and redirect to the cmd by its file option.

  • Open the Task Manager in your Windows. You can open it by searching in the search box or by pressing Windows Key + Shift + Esc once.
  • From the task manager, you need to click on the More Details option shown below that window. After that, you get the task details of all the apps shown there.
  • Now, click on the File shown on the top-left edge of that window.
  • Click on the Run new task. It opens another pop-up mentioning the cmd as default in the search box. Simply, hit enter or click on OK.
  • Finally Done.

 Method V – File Explorers Address Bar

If you are exploring the files in your windows and want to open the CMD as certain then you can use these steps. 

  • Run the file manager or open any files manager from File Explorer in your windows.
  • Now click on the address bar and clear the address or path if it shows like This PC> Documents 
  • Then type cmd there and hit enter.
  • Finally Done.


CMD is one of the basic features or apps used in our daily life to carry out the works in Windows. Accessing the different features and fixing them easy using the cmd. The uses of CMD are beyond our expectations. So, here we discussed the 5 methods to Open CMD in Windows for you.