4K Video, 4K Screen & UHD Explained: Everything You Need to Know

If you are in search of what is meant by 4k or what k stands for in 4k then learn here what 4k means in detail. For a few years, we are listening to the quality of videos & cameras in terms of 4K. We may have listened to about 4K video, 4K cameras, 4K screens & 4K tv. Nowadays, 4K is in trend in terms of the quality of the video. Although 4K is in trending many of us don’t know about 4K. what is meant by 4k?

What Is 4K HD? Everything You Need to Know

4K is the resolution quality of the video or camera. What is UHD TV mean? 4K is also known as UHD (Ultra High Definition). The resolution of 4K UHD is 3840*2160. If we talk about the resolution of Full HD then it has 1920*1080. So, 4K is 4 times Full HD.


What is 4K Quality? Is 4k and UHD the same?

If we double the length & breadth of Full HD then we get 4K. The word K means 1000, it means in 4K there are 4 thousand pixels in 4K. The exact resolution of 4K is 4096*2160.

The size or resolution of Full HD is 1920*1080p but the resolution of 4k is 3840*2160 or 4096*2160. Many people ask, Are 2160p and 4k the same? So, I want to clarify that they are different because the resolution size of 4K UHD is 4 times more than Full HD.

2K HD is a quality video resolution of 1280*1440. 2K resolution is 4 times 720p HD. It means that when we combine 720p HD 2 twice in Length 7 breadth of the screen then we get 2K.

To record 4K content on your mobile or device your camera must be at least 12 MP because a camera having less than 12 MP can’t support the resolution of 3840*2160.

Comparison of Screen Resolution

If we talk about the resolution of the screen or camera then it may be varying in comparison. Normally, 480p provides a High-Quality Video with a resolution of 640*480p. It means that the quantity of pixels used in 480p is about 3,00,000 pixels.

Likewise, if you want to get normal HD or Mid HD then you can choose 720p having a resolution of 1280*720p. If we talk about FULL HD then we will get a resolution of 1920*1080p. The resolution of 2K HD is 4 times 720p, which means the resolution of 2K is 1280*1440p.

Is 4k better than 1080p?

The resolution of 4K UHD is 3840*2160. It means it has an average of 8 Million pixels & the actual Mega Pixels required is 8Mega Pixel which is 4 times more than Full HD. We can also get 8K Quality having a resolution of 7680*4320p.


Here we have discussed the topic of what is meant by 4k. 4K UHD is the high-resolution quality of video or camera which is 4 times more than Full HD. It means if we double the Full HD resolution then we get 3840(1920*2) * 2160(1080*2) which is the resolution of 4K UHD.

4K HD has about 8 Million pixels on screen but Full HD has only about 2 Million pixels. To capture a 4K Video your camera must be at least 12 Mega Pixel. If you want to get a real experience of 4K then you must have Video content having 4K resolution. You can easily find out 4K videos & contents to watch and download.

Does 4k mean 4000 pixels?

Yes, the word 4K means 4000 pixels because in 4K UHD we will find 4000 pixels.